Getting to know you

Before we develop our relationship any further, I probably should introduce you around.

If our family was a stick figure family, you know the ones you see on the car*, what would we be?

Dad would be in golfing gear or by the bbq, beer in hand. He is the stereo-typical Aussie man in appearance, but a real S.N.A.G.

Miss 5, otherwise known as Stella, or lately “drop and go” because she literally (and I hate using that word unless it IS literal) picks something up, walks ten paces then drops it and walks away! She would be in a swimming cossie or by an easel. Or if they do one, perhaps an image pinching the middle child? She is our big girl. School next year, sleep overs, reading and writing. über sensitive though and very protective of her little people.

Number 2, middle child – wild child, Eloise (Lulu) would be depicted in animal skin with a bone through her hair ala Pebbles from the Flinstones. Or …nope, that is really how I see her! In truth she is 3 going on 5. Seeing everything Stella can do and expecting to be able to do the same. This works wonders when it involves writing or numbers, but not so well when climbing, or staying up late.

And the little man, Angus. His sticker would be sitting happily on the end, huge grin, head turned toward the big girls, clapping away. I have been asked three times this week alone if he ever cries. Yes, he does, but the solution is usually very simple. He is perfectly happy to lie/sit watching the world go on around him.

Mum (me) would be…hhhhmmmm…. shopping maybe? Or all dressed up? Lounging by the pool, cocktail in hand? Definitely not in an apron, or by an ironing board, or cleaning anything! What ever the image, I’d have a huge smile.

Although I loathe stick figure families, I’d love to know how you’d depict yourselves? Have you seen any shockers? how many is too many for a stick figure family?

Fun Pirate Stick Figure Family Vinyl Decals   Hi! Here we have an original pirate stick figure family. Plunder the shopping malls in style!

*Did I mention that I hate, loathe, dislike immensely those stick figure family stickers!!! Urgh! Apologies if you belong to one.

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