Oh, you dont work?

“Oh, you’re a stay at home mum…what DO you Do all day?”

“Do you work?”

“Wish I could have long lunches and watch TV all day!”

Let me walk you through our day, oh ignorant, relaxed, well dressed and beautifully coiffed one.

Day begins with Master under 1 (he is 5 mths any day now!). Actually no, that is a lie. Day begins with Miss 3 1/2 needing to go to the toilet at around 5am. Actually no,  that is a lie too…I make my incredibly supportive husband (who works so hard for me to stay at home) get up to her anytime before 6.30am.

So, my day does actually start at 6.30 when i am rudely woken the “tip toes” of Miss 5 who insists on using our bathroom instead of her own each morning (regardless of our bathroom being so much further than her own!). Once I am out of my sleepy fog it is up to get little man milk. All go from there: shower, get dressed, get the boy dressed, breakfast x 4, get girls dressed, what day is it? Make lunch if it’s a kindy day, pack swimmers if it’s a swimming day, pick up the weeks junk off the floor of it’s a cleaner day (okay, okay, I have a cleaner! Told you my husband was fabulous!!), make beds, pack car, put kids in car, get in car….oh wait, forgot a load of washing, collect washing off the floor, take out dry load from dryer, put wet load in dryer, put new load on. Breathe. You get the idea. And chances are, if you are a mother or father or primary care giver of some description, you do virtually the same every morning.

I am a morning person, have always been so, I get most of our jobs/activities/playdates done by 1pm at which time we come home, maybe Little man and I, or us plus one blonde princess or on Mondays all four of us. And then we start the afternoon version of the morning. Unpack any bags or shopping, feed the little me’s, adjudicate any disagreements, think about dinner, (maybe, if I’m lucky, get in one episode of The Real Housewives), do any folding (HA! yeah right!), make it look like I have been über busy all day in time for my beloved to walk through the front door. Phew! I’m knackered!

I know, I know, it doesn’t sound that bad, and believe me, its not. I love it! I saw a great quote on Pinterest (follow me by the way): https://i1.wp.com/media-cache-cd0.pinimg.com/originals/db/85/13/db8513aed231c332a4ada7b2f3121562.jpg

And that is so darn true! Each day drags and drags and although I say I love it, come 5 o’clock, like the kidlets, I am waiting, nay , yearning for that door to open and daddy/husband to walk in. Adult company perhaps. Perhaps it’s because I only need to ask him something once (well, mostly)? Phew! We made it through another day.  But then, all of a sudden, I am packing away the 000’s Wondersuits and 0-3mth cardigans which belonged to Mr <1 and giving away any pink clothes smaller than a size 3. *sigh*.

I am one of the lucky ones. I was never really cut out for a big corporate career. I enjoyed working, but always knew I was meant to create my own army. And I have. I love being an at home mum. I scream at them, I hug them, I teach them and I play with them. I watch them, each in their own stage of development and they really are me, my three little me’s.


Do you have any mini me’s? I’d love to meet you and hear about your little army.


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