Hello there!

Oh Hi! Nice to see you. Thankyou for stopping by.

Image of Hello! card - Magenta

Just like to introduce myself.

Abbey. Wonderful mother, although they are still young, but so far so good. They say please and thankyou (when prompted), they smile and laugh, they are fed and clothed (both quite well in fact!). Loving daughter, becoming more loving as I finally begin to appreciate what it is my parents were doing for me for all those years. Great friend (well, I’d be my friend!). Oh and wife…sorry honey, that is possibly where I drop the ball sometimes…oops.

I am an at home mum. I like to write. I’m not suggesting i am any good at it, but  enjoy writing, because I get to tell my story that way, and you have to listen because you can’t very well stop reading mid sentence……unless you just did…??

I had a little “blog” (I hate that word by the way) a while back. I neglected it. It was useful at the time and I enjoyed it, but life got in the way. Who’s to say the same wont happen again? I hope it wont. I feel like I have a little better understanding of social media and “blogging” now, so we might do a bit better this time around. If you are from blog version 1.0, thanks for joining me on the new endeavor!

I think that is all that is important for now. I have written today so have a few more posts to come up over the next few days which I’d like your opinions on. I love feedback. Please tell me what you think or what you would like more of (or less of for that matter!). I’m not very good with photos but will aim to get a few picks of the teacup humans up.

Oh and ps: the four animals at the top of the page? Totally meant to happen! it’s the mini’s and I. Who do you think is who?



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